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Craig Cline

Artist's Statement

As an American fine arts oil painter my primary subjects are landscape and seascape painting, homes and architectural oil painting and automobile rendition. Some of my favorite themes are Georgia creeks and woodlands that display the effects of time, erosion and the tenacity of indigenous plant life. The reflective effects of water and light showcase natureís beauty. Much of his subject matter is found in my own backyard where 20 acres of undeveloped land provides views of lake and stream that constantly change with the season. Other subject matter comes from my travels here and abroad.

Some, but not all, of my oil paintings are built upon canvas giclees from my photography that have been modified with Photoshop. This method allows for some composition changes such as adding or deleting objects that do not compliment the overall design intent. Embellishing the giclee is performed by entirely repainting it with opaque oils and transparent glazes.

All of my work is highly detailed using small brushes to capture an objectís essence. This effort to create a sense of realism goes beyond simple photorealism which would diminish the viewing experience. My technique invites the observer to linger longer to see more that may be hidden from first sight. Lastly I hope to convey the nearly ecstatic experience that one feels in comprehending natureís habitats; this view of the marvelous works in which man has no participation, but yet still displays beauty unsurpassed.